What is going on in the world today???

It’s crazy and mixed up. Right, it’s always been that way, right? Maybe everything is just amplified. But why? Is it the dopamine addiction from everyone’s constant consumption of youtube videos, Netflix content, Instagram, etc.? Is it 5G (LOL)?
I have a theory. Call me crazy, it’s OK, everyone does. But I blame Trump!
Yep, I said it! It’s all Trump’s fault. Why not? Throughout American history, people just loooove to blame the president for everything. In most cases, it’s just not true, the blame is much more complicated than that. The president is usually just a scapegoat. But this time, I think we CAN actually place a good portion of the blame on him. You see, it’s like he’s a bully, and so many people who wanted to do extreme things were basically given permission to go ahead and let it all out. After all, we all know Trump is racist, sexist, and every other “ist” most “woke” people despise. And if THE PRESIDENT can be those things, so can they be. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Once enough people “come out” with their hate and mad ideas, they now have power en mass. People may not have the courage to do things alone, but when you have millions of like-minded people with you, you feel free to do ANYTHING.
It’s going to be a long road back to sanity, but hopefully, with a more moderate president (puppets are fine) we can all start to calm down, come to our senses. Force the extremists back into the shadows where they belong.